In a brief interim between revision of the Catholic Reformation, I flicked over to the Catholic Herald’s website and sat and read, with some increased amount of disdain how Diego Maradona, former footballing legend famous for his ‘hand of God’ ‘trick’ some years ago, wants to meet with Pope Francis to discuss his ideas on turning the Vatican from ‘a lie’ (yes you read correctly, a lie), to an institution that offers more to the faithful. To see the rest of this article click here.

My initial thoughts on this are quite simple… namely, who the hell does Maradona think he is?

To begin with, he’s started by saying the Vatican is ‘a lie’ – not sure quite how he can substantiate that argument, but that’s his problem, not mine. Secondly, in his interview with an Italian TV station, he refers to the Pope as Francisquito – Little Francis… pretty sure that’s quite rude. Unless of course, we’re mistaking the fact that Maradona is now a has-been of the footballing world and so must therefore have more credence than the Vicar of Christ himself.

Finally, quite why the Catholic Herald is even posting articles like this is beyond me. I did at one time have great respect for the Herald in its relative avoidance of tabloid style gossip and comment… but like all other good newspapers that were, it seems to be going the same way.

Maradona is “disappointed with the Vatican”… quick! sort it out before Maradona gets upset… or not.

He also says he needs to meet Pope Francis to tell him what he needs to do for the world… Let’s throw out all the Cardinals, close down the Curia and make Maradona the next Roman pontiff… or not.

Rant over. Back to revision.


P.S. Apologies for my recent radio silence, it’s been a busy old time of late, coupled with a hint of revision, I’ve not had a great deal to say. Expect more updates in the coming days though.